Time Lapse

time lapse

time lapse

Market Your Business

Citadel makes it easy to time-lapse your entire project from beginning to end, and share your progress and market your project. Cameras will be mounted on neighbouring buildings or other high vantage points to capture the best aerial shot of your project.

  • Branded time-lapse video produced and delivered upon project completion
  • Branded web link can be viewed live for the duration of the project
  • Daylight snapshot taken every 10 minutes, edited and saved to a server.


Time-lapse cameras are a great way to document and monitor the progress or your project. Video can be created at any time, day or night so you can view every detail of your project and document each step to make sure you stay on time and budget.


Time-lapse videos are an excellent marketing tool for construction companies and property management firms to showcase their projects. These videos are a visually engaging way to connect with potential clients and other interested parties. Time-lapse photography can be shared across websites and social media channels as well.

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