Thermal Fire Detection

Thermal fire detection

360° Thermal Radar Fire Detection

Our 360° thermal imaging radar fire detection unit is a reliable system for short to long range detection and recognition of spontaneous fires inside sawmills, coal conveyors, garbage dumps, paper and cardboard recycling plants. The probability of spontaneous combustion in these areas is high with disastrous effects for personnel and the environment.

360° Thermal imaging radar detection utilize high performance Flir thermal cameras and a powerful software package to analyses thermal-graphic images to detect, making it a very early warning fire detection system.

The thermal radar unit can be mounted anywhere or key visual locations where it will automatically monitor 360° up to a 10km diameter, continually scanning 360° measuring surface temperature watching for fire

detect a fire in a 10km diameter

Thermal Radar unit

Thermal Radar can provide you with the added 360° long rang protection of early fire detection in open areas; lumber yards, Government forestry, Provincial Parks, Chemical plants, Oil and Gas storage facilities and Saw mills to list a few where traditional fire sensors can’t provide detection. 

Thermal Radar is a excellent tool for detecting fires in large areas up to 10km diameter

Thermal Radar can see what other cameras and the human eye can’t see; 2 fires at a distance