Shopping Centers

Shopping centers
Remote Guarding is a proactive security solution and your first line of defense as a property owner.

shopping centers

Shopping centers offer unique security challenges, with each property having it’s own individual security concernss, tenants, local demographics, foot traffic, location, and more. Required coverage areas can include back alleys, storefronts, parking lots and rooftops. Guardian proactive radar provides the ability to actively scan the property 360° for activities in real time and track and deter trespassers or undesirables making them aware they are being monitored and authorities are on the way.

Guardian remote guarding 360° radar and video surveillance solutions works in real time and are designed to catch events as they happen. Guardian radar continuously scans a 400m diameter 360° for all activity, not relying on passive motion sensors or ip single directional cameras, using a combination of radar or thermal radar with 40x PTZ video intelligence. Our Guardian remote guarding radar solutions are typically 25-70% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and other security solutions.

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Examples of 200m scan radius on two strip mall properties

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Mobile Security patrol

Mobile security checks are costly and provide very little security coverage for your property and can be easily avoided. Most mobile patrol packages are  3 random checks each evening will provide only 36 to 45 mins of security coverage for your property each night. Guardian will provide your property 24/7 coverage.

security guards

Using security guards to protect your property, can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars a month. Additionally, there are other factors involved using security guards are inadequate training, limited coverage, getting distracted and missing patrols. With Guardian 360° Radar remote guarding solution that covers your property 100% day and night, so you can rest assured that your property is always being watched.

ip security cameras

Other companies use dozens of passive ip security cameras, sensors and detectors to protect your property which are reactive technology – they passively wait to be triggered and can be avoided. Guardian is a proven proactive security solution that utilizes active 360° scanning radar technology to searches for threats.