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Some Industries That Use Thermal Radar

Car Dealership

Auto dealership inventory is right there on an open lot at all times.We’ll make sure your cars are under our watchful thermal radar 24/7.


Covers more ground for less money. Continuous 360 degree security in a cost-effective solution.

Parking Lots

Open parking and structures are some of the most attractive sites for illegal activity because of the perception that they’re not monitored.

Oil & Gas

Covers more ground for less money. Continuous 360 degree security in a cost-effective solution.

Distribution & Logistics Facilities

The amount of people, vehicles valuable product coming and going at distribution and logistics facilities means a highly advanced and technology-driven security solution is practically a requirement

Shopping Centers

Open air shopping centers see large amounts of foot and vehicle traffic each day. Only a sophisticated security solution can truly mitigate loss and damage.

Construction Sites

Multi-faceted construction sites require a cost-effective. Luckily, we have the solution to keep your site safe from theft and vandalism.


Marinas demand a level of security well beyond commercial passive security camera services available on the market today


It’s crucial that airports remain extremely vigilant to guard against security threats both known and unknown. Remote guarding can be a huge boost to the present security already deployed.

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We Are Here To increase and save costs on Your Security

Security demands to protect your sites against intrusions have traditionally required on-site guards or passive remote security systems. The cost of guards or guard services is high and the guards themselves are prone to job-fatigue failures. Passive security services often react only after the intrusion.

Innovative approach

Hydra thermal radar represents an evolution in remote  guarding

quality time

We provide easy install site and mobile thermal radar units perfect in all weather conditions.

Best Support

Our sales team is ready help you pick the perfect Thermal product for your security needs and budget.

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