Remote Guarding

Remote Guarding

Remote guarding

Citadel’s Remote Guarding Security Solutions not only monitors and track suspects 360° in real time, with audio communications allow agents to warn suspects they are under surveillance and need to leave the property immediately. Additionally, our Remote Guarding agents are able to communicate with law enforcement and assist them in locating the subject while monitoring the whereabouts of the suspect at the same time.

Your Security guard services when you switch to Guardian

Benefits of Remote Guarding

  • Save Money

    Typically 40-70% less than security guards
  • One low monthly fee

    No hidden costs
  • Never Sleeps

    We never take a break from monitoring your site
  • Cover 360° in real time

    Simultaneous views at any time
  • Quicker police response times

    Verified crimes in progress mean quicker police response time
  • Cannot be intimidated

    Helps ensure the safety of your staff
  • Records activities 24/7

    Provides video evidence to help document incidents

Guardian Difference

A single Guardian unit system continuously scans  360° in real time in the event of an intrusion, Guardian 360 will automatically cue the PTZ camera onto the target and track the threat it in real time . The Guardian 360  ensures that the PTZ camera does not miss a single event., 360° Radar provides your property with real-time security (second by second) information, such as speed, size, location and direction of the threat.

Guardian 360 Thermal detecting and tracking targets

Start saving today, Make the switch to Remote Guarding from:

Mobile Security patrol

Mobile security checks are costly and provide very little security coverage for your property and can be easily avoided. Most mobile patrol 3 checks each evening will provide only 36 to 45 mins of security coverage for your property each night. Guardian will provide your property 24/7 coverage.

security guards

Businesses that use security guards to protect their property, can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars a month. Additionally, there are other factors involved using security guards are inadequate training, limited coverage, getting distracted and missing patrols. With Guardian 360° Remote Guarding solution will covers your property 100% day and night, so you can rest assured that your property is always being watched.

ip security cameras

Other companies use dozens of security cameras, sensors and detectors to protect your property which are passive technology – they passively wait to be triggered and can be avoided. Guardian is a proven proactive security solution that utilizes active 360° scanning radar technology to searches for threats.