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Rugged and reliable the MobileSentry towers ares the best option for off the beaten path applications or when treching is too costly or impractical. Requiring no supporting infrastructure the MobileSentry tower allows you to setup a perimeter anywhere. With Thermal Radar’s wide are 360 degree detection area; it will see you long before you see it!


  • Deploys in minutes
  • Tow anywhere.
  • Easily retracted for deployment at another location.`

Hydra Thermal Radar

The Thermal Radar Hydra provides the unparalleled 360° detection of Thermal Radar combined with targeted surveillance from a color and laser illuminated PTZ. When Thermal Radar detects a threat, the PTZ automatically slews to cue, providing immediate confirmation and forensic coverage.

Thermal Radar continuously scans the designated area; sophisticated analytics assess what the thermal camera identifies and then sends the coordinates to the color PTZ camera which zooms in on the incursion. This gives you 24/7 thermal coverage plus the benefit of forensic data from the color PTZ.



Thermal Radar utilizes a best in class rotating thermal sensor and applies edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify and Geo-Spatially locate any incursion that may threaten your perimeter. Thermal Radar detection alerts generate not only a GPS coordinate of the intruder’s specific location but also a thermal image of the intrusion.

Hydra represents an evolution in remote guarding security solutions that gives you 360° peace of mind to knowing your business is secure, at all times.


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