Construction Site

Construction site

construction site

Due to the ever-changing working environment, construction sites pose many challenges, from theft and vandalism. Guardian 360 radar is the ultimate tool for keeping your construction site protected. Thieves and vandals target the construction industry because equipment and supplies are stored outside and are unsecured. Physical security guards have proved to be an insufficient and ineffective instrument for construction site security. This is where Guardian solution can help reduce their risks and losses.

 Guardian 360° solutions works in real time to detect and track threats as they happen, unlike passive ip cameras boxes that wait for something to come into the limited field of  view then trigger.  Our Guardian solutions are typically more cost-effective than traditional ip  security camera site boxes presently being used today and provides far superior level of security while minimizing liability.

Looking for an industry leading technology that is cost-effective to protect your construction site? Worried about

  • Site break-ins
  • Fire detection
  • Site vandalism
  • Employee theft
  • Copper wire and other metal theft
  • Damage to construction equipment

Your Security guard services when you switch to Guardian

Guardian 360 Thermal Radar

Provides 24/7

  1. 360° Fire Detection up to 10km area
  2. 360° Human Detection up to 1km area
  3. 360° Vehicle Detection up to 3km area

Guardian 360 continuous field of view

Guardian 360 Radar

Provides 24/7

  1. 360° Human Detection 400m diameter
  2. 360° vehicle Detection 400m diameter
  3. 360° Drone Detection 400m diameter

Examples of a single Guardian 360 Radar unit 200m scanning radius coverage area on construction sites

256m by 183m site Burnaby
single unit covers 3 locations

182m by 169m site Burnaby

204m by 101m site Burnaby

221m by 85m site Richmond

Mobile Security patrol

Mobile security checks are costly and provide very little security coverage for your property and can be easily avoided. Most mobile patrol 3 checks each evening will provide only 36 to 45 mins of security coverage for your property each night. Guardian will provide your property 24/7 coverage.

security guards

Auto dealerships that use security guards to protect their property, can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars a month. Additionally, there are other factors involved using security guards are inadequate training, limited coverage, getting distracted and missing patrols. With Guardian 360° Radar remote guarding solution that covers your property 100% day and night, so you can rest assured that your property is always being watched.

ip security cameras

Other companies use dozens of security cameras, sensors and detectors to protect your property which are passive technology – they passively wait to be triggered and can be avoided. Guardian is a proven proactive security solution that utilizes active 360° scanning radar technology to searches for threats.