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Auto Dealership

Car Dealership Security

Auto dealerships are vulnerable to inventory theft, property damage, especially with high-valued inventory displayed outside for public display. Citadel’s Guardian 360° solution is targeted to protect on-site assets and perimeter of building and property. We can watch your perimeter, parking lots, access points, buildings, service lanes.

Remote Guarding: Guardian 360° solutions works in real time, to detect and track threats as they happen. Guardian scans 360° activity for threats. Our Guardian solutions are typically up to 70% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and provide the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.

Looking to protect outdoor assets at your car dealership? Worried about

  • Vehicle theft
  • Vehicle and site vandalism
  • Fuel siphoning
  • Parts fencing (catalytic converters, tailgates)



Your Security guard services when you switch to Guardian

Just a single Guardian Radar Coverage

This auto mall has dozens of passive single directional ip cameras all over the buildings just waiting for someone to walk into its limited field of view.  As shown above is a single Guardian 360 unit,  which actively searches for threats within its 400m diameter scan twice every second. A second unit would provide 90-96% auto mall coverage

Two Guardian Radar Coverage

This auto dealership perimeter is 256m by 254m as you can see the with two units the complete lot and storage lot is covered within the 400m diameter scan of each unit.

The Guardian Difference

Unlike other remote guarding and security camera companies that only use passive technologies (i.e. sensors, detectors and directional ip analytic cameras) which have a short range and limited field of view and are affected by weather and lighting conditions. These passive technologies can only wait for someone to enter the limited field of view to be triggered then react after the intrusion or crime in progress happens. Our Guardian 360° radar is a powerful technology that actively scans a 400m diameter 360° twice every second inside the perimeter and beyond the fence for threats. When Guardian identifies a threat within its  scan radius, it cues the 30x PTZ and high-intensity spotlight, both systems targets, tracks and deters the threat.

Scans 360° Twice Every Second

Mobile Security patrol

Mobile security checks are costly and provide very little security coverage for your property and can be easily avoided. Most mobile patrol 3 checks each evening will provide only 36 to 45 mins of security coverage for your property each night. Guardian will provide your property 24/7 coverage.

security guards

Auto dealerships that use security guards to protect their property, can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars a month. Additionally, there are other factors involved using security guards are inadequate training, limited coverage, getting distracted and missing patrols. With Guardian 360° Radar remote guarding solution that covers your property 100% day and night, so you can rest assured that your property is always being watched.

ip security cameras

Other companies use dozens of security cameras, sensors and detectors to protect your property which are passive technology – they passively wait to be triggered and can be avoided. Guardian is a proven proactive security solution that utilizes active 360° scanning radar technology to searches for threats.