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Remote Guarding Servive

Citadel Secure focus is providing a premium reliable security solution while saving our clients on security costs, we have achieved this by providing an industry leading true 360° premium remote guarding service package powered by Hydra. Unlike other remote guarding companies that require 8, 10, 12 or 16 cameras, multiple wire runs, multiple poles and trenching around the perimeter of your property then add large installation charges plus the per camera monthly monitoring costs add up fast. Our remote guarding service utilizes a single Hydra unit for total 360° thermal radar site coverage paired with a 30x PTZ camera.

Hydra Remote Guarding offers a cost-effective, reliable security solution that will protect your assets, property and give you peace of mind. With our advanced thermal radar surveillance technology equipped with advanced thermal imaging analytics and edge-based analytics, we can provide you with faster and more reliable remote guarding service than other security companies in all lighting and weather conditions.

Our Remote Guarding services can help to:

  • Prevent theft and vandalism
  •  Prevent intruders from entering the premises
  • Monitor any activity throughout the property at all times

360° continious view

Hydra  continually searches 360°  for intruders over an area of  150 football fields.

Double Confirmation

Hydra detects immediate and long-range threats and provides immediate thermal imaging and PTZ visual confirmation of the targets.

Quick and Easy Install

A single Hydra can cover your entire site. No need for multiple cameras, poles, and trenches for multiple wire runs.

The Risk is 360°

Start Saving Today 

A Single Thermal Radar unit provides continuous 360° protection

 with security guards?

Tired of paying a premium for security guards and receiving apologies by emails or phone calls from your security provider account manager regarding guards:

  • Consistently late for shift
  • Guards not showing up for shifts
  • Untrained  guards show up on site
  • Sleeping on shift
  • Leaving site during shift
  • Patrols not being completed

On average, Remote/Virtual Guarding costs are expensive than traditional on-site guard services

*Based on 7 days a week coverage 12hrs shifts on weekdays and 24hr  shifts on weekends. Total hours 108hrs a week

What is 
  Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding (RG) or Virtual guarding (VG) is essentially security that proactively works to prevent crime and improve security. RG/VG solutions turn passive surveillance cameras into active “Digital Guards,” capable of alerting  law enforcement of any  intrusions. Digital guard personal located remotely in a centralized command center can use live video and two way voice down technology to communicate with any intruders, helping prevent crime before it start.


Remote Guarding


1. Remote Guarding eliminates the need of hiring expensive security guard companies.

2. Remote Guarding is not vulnerable to job fatigue or coffee breaks. There will be no cases of “sleeping on the job”. Remote guarding is always on  and watching at all times.

3. Video feeds are transmitted in real time and the personnel at the Control Center can see exactly what is happening on the property in real time.

4. Remote Guarding uses high-quality thermal radar technology.

5. The Hydra Thermal Radar Remote Guarding System costs are similar to mobile security  patrol but you get 100% coverage with Hydra unlike mobile patrol security.

6. Unlike passive security systems,   Hydra  360° Thermal Radar System continuously scans  360° for potential threats to prevent crime before it happens. Its event-driven approach means that video feeds are transmitted in real time and intruders are scared away before they have the chance to commit a crime.

7. This intelligent thermal guarding solution can be used in Auto Dealerships, Hospitals, Scrap Yards, Construction sites, Farms, Power Sub Stations, Arenas, Government and City Facilities, Warehouses, Marinas, Commercial Buildings, and Industrial or Manufacturing sites.

Are you looking for an innovative and affordable security solution for your property

Make The Change Today

Hydra Thermal Radar Remote Guarding is the right security solution

 Mobile Checks

Mobile checks are thought to be an inexpensive option for evening security coverage of properties, it only provides limited minutes of security presence during each patrol over the evening at a premium rate.  Question you have to ask yourself  are you 100% sure you’re receiving all patrols over the evening you requested, here are some possible reasons for missed patrols.

  • Missed patrols due to weather
  • Missed patrols due to over booked patrol car
  • Missed patrols due to untrained driver
  • Patrols was forgotten on run sheet
  • Driver was late for shift
  • Missed patrols due to vehicle mechanical issues

Remote Guarding will provide you 100% property security coverage during the evening hours compared to an average of only 7%* site coverage by mobile checks over the evening, at similar costs

*Based on average of 3.57 patrols a night 7 days a week and each patrol  15 minutes in length over a 12hrs shift.


Your Security is Our Priority

True 24/7 Coverage

Hydra can  see threats in all weather and lighting conditions  24/7

Always Connected

Hydra has multiple communication options

Alarm Notifications

Receive  alerts and view your site on your mobile device anywhere in the world

24hr battery back up

Power is cut, no problem Hydra has 24hr battery back up or solar backup options

Save $ on Security

You could save up to 70%  vs site security guards

360° Coverage

A single Hydra unit provides live 360° thermal surveillance

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